Covid-19 Soccer Clinic

Join us for our Covid-19 virtual soccer clinic starting Monday 30 March at 10am!

Social media has been awash with people doing things virtually to keep fit during South Africa’s 21 days of lock down. So we thought how about trying to get our minisoccer players out into their gardens, balcony’s and back yards to do some individual skills that they can bring back to Mini Soccer once football resumes?

Here’s the deal… grab your soccer ball, make as much space as you can, be creative find 5 to 6 household items that can serve as cones and join us here over the next few days.

Feel free to invite your friends to this FREE event! Let’s all work together to stay active!

The scoop:

Over the next 3 weeks we will reveal individual drill videos for you to practice and master. Everyday from 10am to 12pm there will be a password that can be used to access the drills (please see the table below to get a better idea.) You will only be able to use this password to access the drill between these times, this creates the environment of routine and discipline that would have been an important element at a non virtual clinic.

Please send me your feedback to WhatsApp 0829004301 and tag us in your uploaded photos or videos on your social media. I would love to see all of you showing off your skills @minisoccersa.

Links to the daily sessions:

Day 1 messi
Day 2 liverpool
Day 3 ronaldo
Day 4 barcelona
Day 5 harrykane
Day 6 intermilan
Day 7 lampard
Rest Day ******
Day 8 chelsea
Day 9 bafana
Day 10 benni
Day 11 worldcup
Easter Break ******
Day 12 giggs
Day 13 everton
Day 14 brazil
Day 15 pele