Clere for Men

Tailor-made for men’s skin to help them smell good and keep their skin moisturised for 48 hours.   With desirable masculine fragrances, skin will be kept nourished, looking good and irresistible. www.amka.co.za


Bio-Strath is produced over a two month period by feeding ‘friendly’ yeast cells with a mixture of herbs. More than 400 different yeast types are thought to exist on earth, 100 of which are pathogenic and 300 of which are good. Bio-Strath is made from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae MEYEN, a ‘good’ yeast harvested from fresh fruit.

The herbs in Bio-Strath were specifically chosen by Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, the bio-chemist who formulated the supplement, to serve each organ and body system.

After absorbing all these herbs, the yeast is fermented by removing the oxygen in order for osmosis to take place. This means that the yeast cell membrane breaks open and nutrients are released. This process is of cardinal importance for the body’s ability to absorb the yeast as it cannot digest the cell membrane. www.bio-strath.co.za

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza the world’s largest pizza delivery brand, with more than 15 000 outlets spread over 85 countries. Taste has a 30-year master licence agreement to develop the brand in South Africa. Domino’s leads its market category due to world-class manufacturing and distribution of its food ingredients, systemised fast delivery and industry leading e-commerce platforms. www.dominospizza.co.za